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About us

Softwarehouse built like a startup


2019 SauceSoft was born in summer 2019 from a project by three young people. From that our team grew and went through different phases.

Kuva SauceSoftin tiimistÀ Kiuas kiihdyttÀmössÀ.

Team SauceSoft during summer 2020 in the Kiuas Accelerator


Our first project was "Hunterr", which was a geolocation based treasurehunt game. We pivoted during our program at Kiuas Accelerator and started developing a socialmedia application called "Buugi"

Hunterr -pelin entinen mainos

During our startup days we developed our "Hunterr" app

2020 - 2021

During 2020 we developed a few mobile applications in search for the perfect idea. Starting from development we rigerously tested all features with user feedback. If something didn\'t work out we knew to pivot to something else.

Kuvakaappaus SauceSoftin TikTok tilistÀ.

Buugi app reached great popularity on TikTok

2022 - Present

Being a startup was quite giving and definitely a learning experience, but we noticed that application and software development was definitely our strength. We pivoted again to a more traditional business and started developing software for SaaS companies and startups

Janus Joenpolvi koodaamassa meren rannassa.

Founder Team

Janus Joenpolvi SauceSoftin perustaja.

Janus Joenpolvi

Sales & PR
Veeti Roponen SauceSoftin perustaja.

Veeti Roponen

Development & Design
Chief Nerd
Miro KymÀlÀinen SauceSoftin perustaja.

Miro KymÀlÀinen

Sales & Internal ops